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Tackling stripes. Adding depth to game room walls

In my last post, I showed you one of the pieces we put into our game room.  Before we began to fill it with furniture, I wanted to make the walls more interesting than “builder’s beige”.   Truthfully, I love the color we selected but too much on a large long wall does not give the room much depth.  I’d done stripes in a bedroom before and was ready to tackle it in a larger space.   Here is a before picture.



First- we had to tape.  We decided how wide we wanted each stripe and divided it into the height of the wall.  Then we slowly stuck on the tape measuring constantly as we went.  NOTE- if you are using your current paint color, you will only be painting inside the lines.  You have to account for this when measuring.  In other words, measure to the inside of your line from the top AND the bottom!  This is the longest process.  Relax and take your time.


Once our lines were in place, we went to the store and bought a nice cream paint color.  I wanted a contrast and thought cream would be great.  But when we got it on the wall, it was too much contrast.  The cream is the picture below on the left.  It was looking a little bit juvenile- too obvious.  So, we went to Sherwin Williams, to use the same paint the builder used.  We picked the color that was on the same color card as our current color, and we went with the one that was just one shade lighter on the card. This ensured that we’d get a more subtle contrast.  Can you see the difference in these two pictures?



image image

imageMuch better right?  Once we had the right color, we breezed through the room and were done within an hour.  Because we used frog tape, a great brand I highly recommend, there was literally no touch up needed at all!  Here are a couple after pictures.  More on the game room to come next weekend!