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Burlap and Tulle Christmas Tree

THE IDEA– The same angel has perched on the top of my Christmas tree for at least 10 years.   Every year, after a full day of decorating I would dust off her rumpled dress and set her on top without a thought.  This year I was longing for a different look for my tree while still highlighting the ornaments we have collected as a family over the years.   So, I started at the top.  The angel’s time with our family has past. Time to donate her and start with a new design.



THE MATERIALS– With a blank slate, I started with material.  I like the matte look and cottage feel of Burlap.  Tulle is a great layering fabric for a Christmas tree because the lights shine right through.  In addition, pearls play right into my cottage country design with their ivory natural hue.  I purchased 9 yards of creme burlap, 7 yards of tulle with translucent glitter, 3 strands of pearls, some pretty crystal snowflakes and cream ornaments for filler.  I hit the 50% off sale at Micheal’s so all my materials cost under $50.

THE DESIGN– Once I had what I needed, I had to make the bow.  After much confusion and several tears of frustration, along with a crazy mess on the floor from the glittered tulle, I’d made this.  It felt a little like riding a bike for the first time.  This is a basic double bow, I just laid the tulle behind the burlap and tied it like a giant shoe.  The only advice I can give you is don’t give up, just keep working the fabric until you get what you want.

The new tree topper

The new tree topper

Once I’d tied this on the top, the rest was easy.  I cut long strips of tulle and burlap and let them run down the tree tucking them in at the top to create the illusion it is all one piece.  I just tucked the fabric in along the way until it felt complete.  Next I layered the pearls over the burlap and tulle.  I didn’t mention lights because I have a re-usable tree (I hate the word fake) with lights but if you are recreating this look on a natural tree you’d want to get your lights in place first.

IMG_1824 (2)THE FINAL PRODUCT- Once this process is done, the rest is just adding ornaments.  This was a great backdrop for mine.  Here are several of my favorite.


Crab from Destin, Florida

Hoola Cow- a gift from my husband.  I love her.

Hoola Cow- a gift from my husband. Isn’t she cute?


Our wedding picture- this was a gift from my dear friend Karen P.