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Nautical Powder Bath Makeover

It started at the Round Top Antique Festival, which takes place twice a year in Round Top Texas.  I found three fabulous octopus prints.  They are a great combination of navy, black and grey.  Once I had them home, I needed a place to show them off.   I’d been trying to come up with a design for my boring builder beige powder bath and these were just the inspiration I needed.

Boring Builders Beige

Boring Builders Beige

There were two major things wrong with this bathroom.   The beige walls and the pedestal sink.  Paint is easy and I love grey but have nice tile with beige on the floor that I didn’t want to replace.   I found a great color palette with soft greige (yes this is a real word) and chose traditional wainscoting for the bottom of the walls to pull in a cape cod feel as well as add texture to the space.  The greige for the wall is very light which I needed because this room has no natural light coming in.


Adding the Wainscoting…

Discussing how to do the wainscot could be its own blog, for now I will just say that my husband is amazing and we have a garage full of new power tools from this project (Watch out because now I’m ready for some serious future projects).   I will say this, we have never done woodworking of any kind in the past and this took us no more than 6 hours.  It was all in the measurements.  The hardest part were the corners, but again, absolutely doable for someone with no previous experience.  Once the wainscot and freshly painted walls were complete the room felt brighter and more up to date.


Now to problem number 2, the pedestal sink.  I’d looked online for a vanity to replace the sink all together but really didn’t want to spend $500 or more. In the meantime, I’ve been slowly updating my bedroom and one of the items that needed to go was our bedside tables.  They were too small and out of date.  I’d originally purchased them to go with a queen bed but they were dwarfed by our king size bed.

Nightstand before

Our old Nightstand


I had an idea, but wasn’t sure if it would work.  I decided to paint the nightstand a darker grey, the actual name is smoked oyster, and attempt to wrap the sink with it.  We now had great power tools to do the job and I didn’t mind trashing the nightstand if it didn’t look right.


I immediately loved the color of the piece in smoked oyster.  SO MUCH BETTER!

Nightstand repurposed

A perfect fit.


Next, we measured the height of the sink and basically took the entire back off the nightstand.  This took several tries, my suggestion would be to be conservative with your cuts, you can always take more off .  Once the fit was right, we attached the nightstand to the wall for stability and caulked the sink to the nightstand.  I was actually surprised by how well it turned out.


The last step for this project was accessories. I framed the Octopus prints, layered in some subtle nautical items and lighten up the room with new glass lamp shades for the lighting fixture.

New mercury glass lamp shades

New mercury glass lamp shades

I found mercury glass shades at one of the large box stores for less than $10 each.  Here is a another look at the completed room. The total cost of this room for all materials and accessories was $500.  Tell me what you think.  One more room in this new construction upgraded from builder’s grade. Many more to come…..


The completed look